kindLine Familienzentrum

Einzigartig im Kanton Zug

kindLine Family Café

THE Café for the whole family

Opening times:
Tuesday afternoon 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

 In the kindLine family center, am Baumgarten 10 in 6314 Unterägeri

Childcare service for Kafi guests
If the adult with the child consumes something in the Café and is present, the child will be looked after free of charge in the in-house childcare service. This way the child can get to know the childcare and get used to it.

Everyone is welcome! With or without children, big and small, young and old…..

- Relax and drink a cup of coffee with one, two or three children…. it is possible in our family café!
- Breast-feed your baby in a mother and child friendly environment.
- Chat with friends and let your child play near by.
- Let your children play, sing, jump and just be.

A win-win situation for parents and children, where there is space for adult talk and children’s play. Where else is drinking coffee with your family so relaxing and comfortable?
We always have a box with toys and some books around and if they are not enough then just let know our friendly staff about it. We have plenty of them just next door in our childcare centre.

Our menu card has something for every mood and taste, from coffee specialities and teas to freshly made smoothies and healthy snacks for young and old.

Every now and again there are also homemade cakes to sweeten your day!